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A database dedicated to following Pharoah's phoals from foaling to racing and everything in-between.


To the Dams

From the Phans

Turf Titians


Wesley Schroeder

Pharoah's Phoals creator

I created Pharoah's Phoals to have a database on the, "phoals," of a racehorse that not only captured the nation, but truly captured my love for horseracing.
I've worked with horses overall for eleven years. As a groom, trainer, and pin-hooker. My, "specialty," was the horses everyone else hated. The ones that were abused, and became, "bad," or a, "problem." Retired as a hunter/jumper after thirteen years. I've been involved with racing for six years. Mainly studying the sport, and running Pharoah's Phoals.

The horse I'm kissing is American Heiress (GB) the Pharaoh phoal I have a micro-share in.

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