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Dual Turf Sire

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

When American Pharoah retired from racing fans who follow racehorses through their retirement by following their foals, expected them to follow in his footsteps, especially since he was stamping them beautifully.

However, this hope was quickly rocked, when his first runner and winner Monarch of Egypt, won on the turf at Naas at Ireland.

Quickly seems dramatic, given it was just his first runner, but this was followed by Maven winning the Connolly’s Redmills Prix du Bois, a grade three on the turf, in France in only his second start. Though he broke his maiden on the dirt, with that win and his trainer’s love for sending his horses to the Royal Ascot, it was clear he would be staying on the turf.

This trend continued for the rest of his first crop’s first year on the track. With three being in turf Breeders’ Cup Juvenile races.

American Pharoah ended 2019 as the Leading Freshman Sire, and with rumors abound that he would be sent over to Ireland to cover Irish bred mares since his dirt foals were virtually non-existent.

All of this was quick to change in the beginning of 2020, with Café Pharoah leading the way. However, this lead to more doubt as Café Pharoah is based in Japan and their dirt is different than dirt used for American tracks.

Unfortunately, unless the horse wins, people tend to disregard the race. Even if the horse finished second.

Royal Act’s first race at three was also his first time on the dirt where he finished second, in the grade three Robert B. Lewis Stakes.

Three-year-old Merneith finished on the board in five out of six of her races. All on dirt.

Himiko, another three-year-old, finished second in her last two races, on the dirt and improving greatly after the inclusion of blinkers.

Danon Pharaoh, winning the Japan Dirt Derby, earned him a spot in the Kentucky Derby (which he bypassed, due to the virus).

And then there’s his two-year-olds.

Tequila Queen has finished third in both of her starts on dirt.

American Grace broke her maiden on her first time out on the dirt.

With this alone, it should be clear that with just two crops on the track, American Pharoah is a dual sire, but the story doesn’t end there.

Two-year-old Mad Maddy has finished second in all four of her starts. The first two on dirt, the other two on turf.

Beacon of Truth broke her maiden despite the race being taken off of the turf.

American Bastet who was fourth in her debut on the turf, had no problem with her second race being taken off of the turf, blazing through the race, now on the dirt, to lose by a nose.

Liraz, who was second on the turf in only her second start, actually broke her maiden despite it being taken off the turf in her third start.

Most importantly however, is Harvey’s Lil Goil, who is American Pharoah’s only foal, thus far, to win a stakes race on both the dirt and turf. Winning the listed dirt race, Busanda Stakes, and the grade three turf race, the Regret Stakes.

He may only have two crops on the track, and 2020 may have been messed up by Covid-19, but American Pharoah is clearly showing that not only is he a top sire (being the third, Second Crop Sire in 2020), but that he is a dual turf sire as well.

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