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Envied: Building A Legacy

It all began with four small hooves, the gentle fluttering of two rounded nostrils, and a promise; the promise of talent. The promise of speed. The promise of more to come in the future.

Envied, American Pharoah's two-year-old filly out of Halljoy

It was four years ago that American Pharoah sped away to victory in the (G1) Belmont Stakes, capturing the first Triple Crown victory since Affirmed's sweep of the series in 1978. Since that historic year in racing history, the champion stallion has gone on to find much early success in his freshman years at stud, already producing multiple yearlings grossing over $1,000,000 at auction, and two-year-olds fetching up to $1,650,000.

This year marks the first year since 1982 that a Triple Crown winner's first crop has reached racing age. With American Pharoah's first crop of foals reaching racing age this year, the excitement among the horse racing industry has been audible. After four years of patience for his progeny, we are nearly ready to delve into the next chapter of American Pharoah's remarkable prowess. However, this time, it will not be him stepping into the starting gate; it will be his foals galloping where he himself once trod.

Envied is one of the many foals representing American Pharoah on the track this year. This week, the Pharoah's Phoals team paid a visit to Envied's 'home base' at Keeneland Racecourse for an exclusive interview with Carl McEntee, manager of Ballysax Bloodstock, and bloodstock agent for HnR Nothhaft Horse Racing LLC, the owner and breeder of Envied. Graciously agreeing to a meeting, Envied's team helped make this article a reality, and we thank them for their time and hospitality!

What does the future hold for this lovely daughter of the Triple Crown winner? First, let's learn a few facts about this fabulous filly!

- Who is Envied? -

Envied is a two-year-old filly by American Pharoah out of Halljoy. A bay with two white socks on her hind feet, she is the first foal out of the Irish mare, Halljoy. Envied is owned by HnR Nothhaft Horse Racing LLC, and trained by Ben Colebrook. She entered the Keeneland auction ring last year for the September Yearling sale as HIP #1, but RNA'd at $335,000, resulting in her ownership being retained by her breeders.

"There's a lot of athleticism that you see passed on from Pharoah. She's got a very similar shoulder to him, she has that athletic stride that a lot of the Pharoah's had at the sale--that's why they sold so well." - Carl McEntee

Now that we are familiar with Envied's 'résumé,' let's hear some exclusive questions and answers, featuring Carl McEntee!

- Pharoah's Phoals Q&A with Carl McEntee -

Q: Do you see her sire in her?

A: "There's a lot of athleticism that you see passed on from Pharoah. She's got a very similar shoulder to him, she has that athletic stride that a lot of the Pharoah's had at the sale--that's why they sold so well. Obviously the fact that he was Horse Of The Year and probably the horse of a lifetime didn't hurt the fact either, but he throws a very sort of athletic horse that lowers it's shoulder and extends, so I think that's what's excited most people about the crop."

Q: Does Envied's personality mirror that of American Pharoah?

A: "She's a very competitive filly. She's an exceptionally smart filly, she always has been. I've been with her since day one, and she's always been a very, very clever filly, but I raised two Pharoah's the same year, and the other was the one that brought $2,200,000 last year, (The American Pharoah colt out of Kindle) and they both have that sort of mentality. So, yes, very much so."

Q: What can you tell us about Envied's dam?

A: "I flew to Europe to buy her--loved the filly. I sent her to my brothers over there just to go through the quarantine process, brought her over here, we raced her in America, and it was then she retired. I designed the pedigree mating with Hank (Nothhaft) obviously, and yes, I've been with her, and I'm actually going to see her Friday."

Q: Do you see her dam in her?

A: "There's a little bit of her. She doesn't have the stretch that her mother had; obviously she's a first foal as well. But there's certain elements of her physicality that you can see traits from her mother in as well."

Q: Does Envied's personality mirror that of American Pharoah?

A: "Mum's got an attitude, and this filly is a bit more sensitive than mum."

Q: What is Envied's daily routine?

A: "She'll get fed around 4:00 AM. I know Ben does bathing and picks of grass in the morning and afternoon--she'll walk in the afternoons as well. She's currently up to breezing an eighth. She's probably going to breeze a quarter here in, I would think either this Saturday or the middle of the week next week."

Q: What are the plans for her future career?

A: "She'll race. We're looking that she'll probably run in the third week of Churchill."

Q: Will she face the boys in her career, or is it too early to tell?

A: "Way too early to tell. Let's see if she can beat the girls first. You can have the grandest expectations in the world, but the simple fact is that you don't know a horse's abilities until you put it into a race situation. Ask me that in a year or so and I'll tell you!"

Q: Will Envied race on turf, or dirt?

A: "I can tell you now that she will definitely be a grass filly. The way she skims over the surface and lowers that shoulder, she'll run on grass, no doubt. She was made for it."

With so much potential lurking behind her chocolate eyes and bay coat, it is not difficult to find yourself dreaming of what is yet to come when surveying this lovely filly. However, the first step in that is to survey her! Let's take a look at Envied's gallery, including exclusive shots from Pharoah's Phoals' visit to Keeneland!

- Envied's Gallery -

What lies on the horizon for young Envied? We're excited to find out as the legacy of American Pharoah is built in the wake of his progeny's hoof prints!

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- Pharoah's Phoals

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