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My phans are a huge part of the Pharoah’s Phoals page, as such, I wanted to do a little interview with them on what they think about, not only the phoals so far, but also the page itself.

My phans are a huge part of the Pharoah’s Phoals page, as such, I wanted to do a little interview with them on what they think about, not only the phoals so far, but also the page itself.

Q. Which phoal are you most impressed with so far?

A. “Four Wheel Drive.” – Jim Jimenez

A. “American Theorem.” -Morgan Ballard.

A. “I think Sweet Melania has been a real standout and also American Theorem.” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “Honestly, I don’t think I could say just one because all of his winners have been pretty impressive!” -Macey Morcom

Q. Which phoal are you most looking forward to next year? (Racing age doesn’t matter).

A. “Tie between Another Miracle, Hong Kong, Monarch of Egypt and Ocean Atlantique.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “Toss-up between Songbird and Beholder’s half-sisters.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “This is a tough one. Definitely the Leslie's Lady filly but being a 2-year-old, I don't know how much of her we'll see and I'm really excited for his 3-year old’s too! American Theorem is probably one I'm super excited for, and also Sweet Melania.” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “Right now, it’s gotta be Four Wheel Drive.” -Macey Morcom

Q. Which phoal has surprised you the most?

A. “Sweet Melania.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “Sweet Melania, and Princesa Caroline.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “I don't think I'm particularly surprised by any of them because I expected him to have good I will say Four Wheel Drive wasn't on my radar at all so I guess that's a surprise.” -Kathy Barrett Deeds.

A. “I can’t say there is one that’s surprised me the most, honestly.” -Macey Morcom

Q. Which phoal is doing as well as you expected?

A. “Monarch of Egypt.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “American Theorem impressed me from day one and is my entirely too early KY Derby pick.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “Princesa Caroline was one I was really expecting to be a star.” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “I don’t have a name for this one, either!” -Macey Morcom

Q. With Pharoah phoals doing so well on the turf, do you think there will be a Triple Turf Series winner?

A. “Probably not with this crop.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “I think so, in a few years- although this answer may change as I watch his current two-year old’s mature.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “I absolutely hope so!! I'm so excited by the idea that he could be a superior sire on dirt and turf!” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “I think it’s a possibility!” -Macey Morcom

Q. Who is your favorite phoal who hasn’t raced yet?

A. “Royal Act.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “I want to the half to Mucho Macho Man on the track.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “I'm really looking forward to Wish Way and Shenu.” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “I can’t narrow it down.” -Macey Morcom

Q. Is the page meeting your expectations?

A. “Yes.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “Absolutely.” -Morgan Ballard

A. “100%! I really appreciate how much time and effort you put in to keeping track of them all, the pix you both find and take yourself, the updates on sales and racing. You're doing great!” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “Yes, I love it!” -Macey Morcom

Q. What would you like to see more of?

A. “Race commentary, if anything. Great job guys.” -Jim Jimenez

A. “This page is perfect as is and needs no changes!” -Morgan Ballard

A. “I think you cover everything really well. If I had to pick something, I'd say maybe some extra info on the mares - their racing history, other foals they have, etc. Just maybe more insight into the caliber of mares he's been getting. Or maybe extra info on the connections of the phoals - owners (though I know that can be hard), trainers, jockeys. But basically, just keep doing what you're doing!” -Kathy Barrett Deeds

A. “I love the posts you share of the awesome shots photographers have gotten of the phoals in action so more of them would be cool!” -Macey Morcom.

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